Who is Gommer?

Hi! my name is Tim Gomm, but my friends call me Gommer!

With a strong technical skill-set, attention to detail, and 14+ years of experience, I'm a Front-end web developer that can create digital magic and elevate user experience to the next level. Flexible in any working environment having worked in start-ups, schools and digital marketing agencies. I am focused primarily on helping agile teams build front-end architecture for large scale client-side web apps and CMS websites.

I have been involved in developing a broad range of websites including social networks, ecommerce, educational, VLE, employee engagement, brochure and advertisement sites, all of which have been customised to meet end-user requirements. Development of such websites has been undertaken to meet strict deadlines, which demands initiative, motivation and precise time management skills. I have experience in creating concept designs in Photoshop and wire framing concepts ready for Front End coding. I am experienced with mobile ready Responsive Design and can implement the latest JavaScript technologies such as JQuery plugins into the front end code. I ensure that my work fully complies with web standards and is browser and cross platform compatible.

I am currently employed as a Front End Developer at BI Worldwide. Previous to this I have been empolyed by The King's School, Chester, One Bright Space Ltd. and Gloversure Ltd.

Specialties: HTML, SASS/CSS, JavaScript (JQuery), PHP (Limited), MVC4 (Limited), MySQL, Adobe Photoshop, Usability UI/UX, XML, WYSIWYG layout tools, CMS intergration and styling.

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The Basics

HTML,CSS, JavaScript the knowledge of how to fit the front end with the back. This is essential in modern design. Couple this with an excellent working knowledge of Adobe® Photoshop® and W3C coding standards. That's why they call me a Web Designer.


Not only am I very contactable, my designs are very responsive to. I can produce websites that adapts the layout to the viewing environment (Mobile, Tablet, PC, etc) by using fluid, proportion-based grids, flexible images, and CSS3 media queries.

Design Sense

Web Designers must know design. Having a good sense of design is important. There is a lot more to it than simply knowing which colours you like. You should be aware of the elements of design as well as the basic design principles.

What I'm listening to: